Weekly Classes

Big Top Performing Art Center

1920 Holdrege Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

Mondays @ 7:00p.m. – 8:00p.m.

4-week session $40

Drop-in $15



Pay at the door.

These classes will be taught in a consecutive manner. There will be very little review of past subject matter. It is to your advantage to take the full 4-week session but drop-ins are more than welcome.

January 9-30

This session will be all about technique to build a strong foundation for upcoming sessions. Each week will focus on one to two groups of movements commonly used in all styles of Belly Dance. Whether you are a seasoned dancer looking to refresh your skills or just beginning your dance journey this is the session for you.

February 6-27

This session, a captivating choreography will take your dancing to the next level. The techniques needed for this choreography will be taught in January’s session but don’t worry there will be plenty of review if you are unable to attend that session. The choreography will be taught for various skill levels from Baby Belly Dancers to Seasoned Pros.

March 6-27

It’s time to pull out the props. Each week will focus on a different prop used in Belly Dance.

Week 1 – Veil

Week 2 – Cain

Week 3 – Basket

Week 4 – Sword

Belly Dance Technique will not be taught this session only how to add the props to your dance.

April 3-24

Take your dance to a whole other level. This session is all about floor work and utilizing levels in your dance. This is an advanced technique. Previous Belly Dance training is required. Do not worry if you have issues with level work. Tricks to add them will be taught without putting your body at risk for injury.