Question: What type of belly dance do you teach?

Answer: I base my teaching around traditional belly dancing as seen mainly in the areas of Egypt and Turkey.   I encourage my students to add their own personal style to their journey through dance.

Question: Do I have to show my belly to belly dance?

Answer: Please see  the What to Wear section!

Question: Do I have to perform?

Answer:  By no means do you have to perform but performances  are made available within the class or in a public setting.   Instruction is always taught to a performance level standard whether the goal is to dance solely for one’s personal enrichment and/or as a professional.

Question: Is belly dance for me?

Answer:  I do NOT accept students who are currently pregnant and have never belly danced or have belly danced but have not been consistent with their practice.

Always discuss with your doctor about new exercise regimens.

Please advise the instructor of any prior injuries or physical limitations.

Question:  Am I too old?  Am I too young?

Answer:  Hallie Marie prides herself on teaching to your personal abilities and helps you to work skillfully within them.

Question:  Am I too fat?  Am I too skinny?

Answer: NO.