Below is a list of workshops that Hallie Marie offers. If you are not seeing a subject that you are interested in please let her know what subject you are interested in and she will let you know if it is a subject she is comfortable teaching.
Workshop Offerings
Easy & Efficiency:
Do you wish to dance with more comfort? It starts with technique. When you dance with ease and efficiency you extend your dancing years and decrease the chance of injury, while adding poise to your performance. Although this workshop will work on refining basic to advanced technique, this would still be a recommended workshop for beginners.

Creating Combinations:
Group Improvisational dancers pride themselves on creating new and interesting ways of dancing with one another using cues that are naturally incorporated into the flow of the combination. This workshop will give you some ideas on how to take on the task of creating your own combinations.  
The Art of Improvisation:
When you have the right tools to help you feel comfortable improving a performance, your true artistry, born from spontaneous creation will shine.

Lovin’ the Levels
Want to take it to a Whole Nother Level?!?! Levels add a dynamic element to your dance. Learn how to strength train to do them properly and also how to respect your limits and those of your fellow dancers without losing the effect.

This workshop teaches basic technique for beginning sword dancing. Learn to love your sword and harness the power of its presence.

Just Keep Spinning! Just Keep Spinning!
Spinning is one of the tricky treats of many different world dances. Spice up your spins by incorporating tricks in your dance.

Tribal Veil
Want the look and feel of veil work but you are all dressed in your Tribal Best? Learn some valuable tips on how to incorporate veil into your tribal style belly dance.
Creative Cane
Props are one of the keys to diversity in performance, and let’s face it there is nothing like wielding a cane. This workshop will introduce you to some of the history behind the use of cane in Belly Dance, vamping it up with a little Vaudeville, and briefly exploring the Flow Arts take on spinning.

Filling the Basket
This is a great workshop for learning the basic technique of balancing props on your head while dancing. After we have our baskets in hand we will fill them with movements that highlight this fruitful prop.  

Dancing to the EXTREME
The music used for this workshop will be loud, in your face, and will contain controversial content with explicit lyrics. The music will be powerful and makes one want to tense up. We will explore ways to resist the tension in our bodies while still conveying the intensity of the song.